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Flu Boo Boo

Flu Boo Boo by Ria Cervantes Hu hu hu I’m feeling blue Because I have a flu. A blanket on the arm To keep myself warm…

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The Attack of the Gorilla

Gorillas are known to be dominant species in the animal kingdom. They have their own leaders who protect their group, love the attention, making all decisions…

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Happy Father’s Day

Today is Father’s Day. To my dad, I know you’re watching over me…To my husband, I thank you for bringing out the best in me and…

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On Conscience

Conscience is defined as being cognizant of the moral or ethical aspect of one’s conduct by preferring to do what is right. As for my opinion,…

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On Patience

“Patience bears a sweet fruit, Ria.” A friend once told me. I often have to understand why the need to endure sufferings and to wait it…

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My Furry Blog Friends

I was browsing through numerous wonderful and extremely entertaining blog sites in the net lately and I stumbled upon a cute site about 2 teddy bears.…

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The Amalgamation Of Lies And Truth

Human race has a nature of conjuring stories. The idle mind builds up thoughts and sends false signals to our subconscious making us believe stuff, accepting…

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