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Conforming to a Pattern – Yay or Nay?

The society and its norms shape our attitudes, beliefs and even lives to some extent. While some individuals manage to find a balance between sociocultural expectations…

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Life Is Unfair

LIFE is unfair! Some people just keep getting all the luck while others have to run after their dreams only to see it slipping from their…

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A Beautiful Mother Poem

Thank you dear Posh of Marriage Markers for considering me as a beautiful mother. This is very special and I appreciate it. Hugs to you. MOTHER…

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She said, He said, They said

Words get misconstrued when passed on from one mouth to the other and to the other and so on; same way gossips are passed around. A…

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To Daddy

Today would have been my dad’s 65th birthday. I know exactly how he would have celebrated it if he was still here with us. I remember…

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Sleepless in Dubai

I don’t really know if I am starting to have insomnia again but it seems like it is. Lately, I have been sleeping 3 to 4…

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