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Conforming to a Pattern – Yay or Nay?

The society and its norms shape our attitudes, beliefs and even lives to some extent. While some individuals manage to find a balance between sociocultural expectations…

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Really Super-Sized Meals

There are times when our hunger pangs knock the living daylights out of us especially when we just came from work or were out gallivanting or…

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Vitamin E and Me

I am not getting any younger now so I have begun drinking Vitamin E to combat any tell-tales of aging and to give my fragile health…

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Naruto Anime

I think this anime is so famous that it has become everyone’s favorite Japanese anime. I may be wrong but even my daughter knows about Naruto…

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The Sweetest Commercial

A friend forwarded this video to me last week and was about to delete it without viewing the attachment. Somehow, my curiosity got the better of…

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