Organize Your Wire Cables

My husband loves appliances so much especially gadgets great for audio and video. So, it comes as no surprise that our house is like a bulk speaker cable storage.

We have one box of loose speaker cables and other cables for video and home theatre usage too aside from the ones we currently use. I mean, how much cables can a single household possibly have?

So, to ease the eye sore of seeing those dangling cables, I asked my hubby to clamp them with a velcro snap to make them look tidy and organized. Aside from velcro, there are other tools to use to organize and keep your speaker, audio and video cables in check and tidy. Here are some you can buy from your local hardware store or even home furnishing to keep your cables organized.

Velcro strap, 8 pcs. for $3.72 from Amazon.com

Q Knot, 25 pcs. per pack, $10.97 from Walmart.com

Innovera Cable Straps, 25 pcs. per pack, $4.92 from Walmart.com

Cable Runway, 5 ft. for $5.90 from Cableorganizer.com

Corrugated Wire Loom, 10 ft. for $13.95 form Cableroganizer.com

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