iparent.tv 1 Year Subscription Giveaway

Like most parents, I am very protective of my daughter in all aspect of her day-to-day activities. That includes monitoring her usage of the internet and what she watches too.

I am very glad that an initiative such as iparent.tv is born to know if the site our kids are visting are safe. This will keep us well-informed and in line with the times. The infographic below will give you an idea of how behind parents are with the technology and social network activities our children engage in. It is a scary figure but with iparent.tv, we can help reduce that statistic.

iparent.tv, the main proponent of this giveaway is happy to give 1 year subscription to iparent.tv which costs around $49. 1 lucky winner (US residents only) will have that opportunity to access all the videos, reviews, how-tos, and live chat support. It will be the largest site on the net helping parents understand what’s safe and what’s not in the world of tech.

You can know more about iparent.tv here or by visiting their Indiegogo page for more backing deals.

Join this giveaway and also help promote iparent.tv. Parents need this and so are your kids. Keep them safe from inappropriate materials be it on smart phones, webs and tvs. Entries are all easy! Go ahead, fill the rafflecopter below.


1 Winner of 1 year Subscription to iparent.tv

3 MARCH TO 15 MARCH, 2014 12:00 midnight GMT

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