Changing Furniture Soon

After several months (I think years!) of bugging my husband relentlessly, he has finally agreed to change our furniture, especially the one in the living room. I never liked the one he bought few years ago but since he paid for it, I kept mum about it. Now that he is willing to replace the one we have now, I am very happy to show him around Ikea and what I liked there and fitting to be in our home.

Aside from the living room set, I hope to change our dining table too complete with new chairs and some accessories to go with it like a new burlap faux – burlap-tablecloth.com tablecloth and candelabra.

We’re fixing the whole place again so when our daughter comes for a visit during her college break, she’ll find the new arrangement, new furniture and new decorations very inviting. I also hope she’ll like all of them.

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