Review – Naturalico Vitamin C, Vitamin E and HA Anti-Aging Serum #vitamincserum

This is a product I tested few weeks ago to check if it will do a significant change in my skin tone, texture, fine lines and age spots as those are my common issues when I reached 40s.
I am very fussy with what I apply on my face because I have sensitive skin. I am really surprised that this serum is not harsh on my skin. I like this Naturalico serum because it’s organic with Hyaluronic Acid, Rose Hip and Sea buckthorn oil which help in moisturizing, protecting the skin from free radicals and the added Vit. C promotes production of collagen which makes the skin youthful and fair.

I’m in my mid-40s and it is high time to use serums like this one because of the signs of aging like age spots and fine lines and some wrinkles. I have some fine lines near my eyes and few age spots which have lightened after several days of using Naturalico. I can notice a nice glow in my complexion which my family and friends have noticed as well and considering that it is winter, it’s so hard to achieve a natural “pinkish” glow without the use of a blush on or cosmetic but I can see that my cheeks are rosier and I don’t even have to apply make-up.

My skin is more soft than usual too which I am very happy about. I also like that this serum does not contain parabens and alcohol which are both harmful to our skin. It does not have any scent. I like my beauty products to be unscented. It is also opaque and not too watery in consistency so you will only apply a small amount. A 1 fl. oz. bottle will last a long time in usage if you use very sparingly and as directed.

I liked the serum a lot. Needless to say, it has actually improved my skin tone, texture, reduced the visibility of fine lines and lightened my age spots.  I do recommend this serum to people who are starting to battle the signs of aging. It is safe even to sensitive skin like mine.

You can purchase this serum from Amazon.

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