September 16, 2017
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Review – Epoch Blemish Treatment

Who says a 40-something cannot still get pimples or a bit of acne outbreak? Well, raise your hands! *raising mine*

I usually do not get pimples but every now and then, I do and they break out around my chin area. Thankfully not on the cheeks but treating them can still be a challenge. I have tried several blemish ointments in the past. They worked but not as quickly as I wanted them to be until I tried the Epoch Blemish treatment which is an acne medication.

Can I just say that this is my pixie dust because it did wonders in 3 days? Want proof? Check my photos below that I have collated to show its potency.

I tried the product on one of the biggest zit on my chin. It had to be the one that looked liked a volcano! Hahahaha! Since that zit was giving me a bit of a grave time because it is a bit painful as it had a pus, I just had to obliterate it to kingdom-come. Here’s when Epoch Blemish Treatment comes into zapping mode.

I used the product three times for the first 3 days, morning, noon, and night after washing my face with just water. I used a small amount to cover the ubiquitous zit and on the third day, it was almost dry and the pus was gone. How? I am not sure but just to show the potency of the product, I am posting it here for everyone to see maybe it can help you if you have problematic skin. I was careful not to put a thick gel on the pimple because I didn’t want to get it very dry with peeling skin around the area.

What are the benefits of Epoch Blemish Treatment?

• Helps soothe skin blemishes.

• Botanical extracts helps calm redness to improve skin’s appearance.

• Safety-allergy-dermatologist tested.

It contains 1.5% Salicylic Acid which helps dry the blemish.

Want to try it?

You can order from me. Just leave a comment in this post. 


For UAE/Phils.  – You can order directly from me, just leave me a message at mommaglama at yahoo dot com.

From customers in other regions/countries – please check the info below to order:

Visit and look for your region/country. Click on that to sign up as either a CUSTOMER* or a DISTRIBUTOR.

Please use this sponsorship ID to create your Customer account to be able to purchase.


If you want to be a DISTRIBUTOR of the amazing products of Nu Skin, then you can sign up to the country/region where you are from (check for the list of countries/regions). This is FREE and I will include you in my team of very supportive folks. Please use this sponsorship ID to create your Distributor account – PH0056536

Please send me a snapshot of your confirmation ID once you sign up as a Distributor as I need to provide you all the support you need. 🙂 You can email that info at mommaglama at yahoo dot com. Thanks!

*If you are from US/Canada, European countries, Australia and New Zealand, then you have the option to sign up as a customer.

I am a Nu Skin distributor. Epoch Blemish Treatment is one of the products the brand carries. I personally bought this product to test. I am posting my honest review with photos because the product worked for me. It may vary from one person to another but this is my experience with the Epoch Blemish Treatment.

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